Tong Ming Xi – Oasis for string instrument lovers

One of the top string galleries in Singapore today, Tong Ming Xi Gallery has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2004. Since then, we have been established as an oasis for string instrument lovers in Singapore where they can rest assured that their musical goals and dreams will get fullest support.

Here at Tong Ming Xi, we believe that as handcrafted instruments, no two persons are exactly the same. Our purpose is to help instrument players discover their true sound and unleash their full potential through quality products and excellent luthiering and craftsmanship.

Our gallery provides a wide range of violins meant for budding students to music professionals. We also specialise in the sale of quality antique European violins, violas, cellos by renowned luthiers.

Our team of luthiers have mastered the art of restoration and have breathed new life into many antique pieces and are adept in maintaining frequently used instruments in tip-top condition. Based on our competence and experience in the industry and with the support from our network of partners, we provide string instrument lovers a window to the world of strings.

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