Tong Ming Xi – Oasis for string instrument lovers

One of the top string galleries in Singapore today, Tong Ming Xi Gallery has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2004. Since then, we have been established as an oasis for string instrument lovers in Singapore where they can rest assured that their musical goals and dreams will get fullest support.

Here at Tong Ming Xi, we believe that as handcrafted instruments, no two persons are exactly the same. Our purpose is to help instrument players discover their true sound and unleash their full potential through quality products and excellent luthiering and craftsmanship.

Our gallery provides a wide range of violins meant for budding students to music professionals. We also specialise in the sale of quality antique European violins, violas, cellos by renowned luthiers.

Our team of luthiers have mastered the art of restoration and have breathed new life into many antique pieces and are adept in maintaining frequently used instruments in tip-top condition. Based on our competence and experience in the industry and with the support from our network of partners, we provide string instrument lovers a window to the world of strings.


  • August 2004 — Completed the violin repair and restoration workshop held in The Banff Center (Canada)
  • 2004 to Present — Luthier-in-residence for “The Rin Collection” of Mr. Rin Kei Mei (Singapore)
  • 2004 to Present — Responsible for the collections currently being used by students of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (Singapore) and Shanghai Conservatory of Music (China)
  • June 2005 — Worked for Isaac Salchow of William Salchow & Sons Limited in New York (USA)
  • June 2006 — Completed the Bow making course conducted by William Salchow Worked for Carlos Arcieri in New York
  • 2007 to Present — Regularly invited by Acoustica Music (Bangkok) to provide restoration services to the people of Thailand
  • 2007 to Present — Regularly gives seminars and conducting workshops to local institutions such as Nanyang Girls, Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong, MGS and NTU, imparting knowledge to and instilling interest in the youth
  • September 2009 — Invited by Jakarta Arts Council to conduct a RESTORATION WORKSHOP IN JAKARTA INDONESIA
  • December 2009 — Exhibition of the great masters, showcasing Stradivarius, Guarneri and Amati violins, organised by Jakarta Arts Council. Invited to give a talk on violin making and maintenance
  • June 2010 — Invited speaker by the Jakarta Arts Council on authenticity and fraud in violins, as well as the joy in collecting the great masters
  • Jan 2011 — Moved to current location at Commonwealth and relaunch the company as Tong Ming Xi Gallery
  • Sep 2011 — Launch our TongMingXi Workshop Series and targets to harness musician and teachers alike to look after their own instrument. These workshops have various topics ranging from varnishing to tonal adjustment or making and instrument. Participants are empowered to identify its faults and rectify it.
  • Oct 2012 — Collaborated with Lakeside Family Centre as part of our CSR program to match a violin and a teacher for the under privileged child aiming to break them out of their current social cycle.
  • Mar 2013 — Opened our second retail outlet at United Square.
  • Mar 2014 — Launched Tong Ming Xi Podium. This is an educational event aimed to bring experts from our field of work be it in violins or its bows to the general public.
  • Oct 2014 — Opened our flagship store at Esplanade Theatres by the Bay.
  • Oct 2015 — Launched Junior Masterclass Event
  • Jun 2016 — Organized Singapore Violin Festival (SVF)
  • 2017 – Launched Violin Experiential Program
  • 2018 – Organized SVF Violin Technique Class Series
  •  2019, , Created World Strings Day and Global Strings Federation that aim to gather all musicians. The purpose of these platforms serves to bring communities together, enhance music education and make available resources for personal development and innovations.
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