An interview with Ming Xi

Q. What inspired you to enter into this profession?

The passion for violins and related string instruments. I believe I possess the determination to create a difference, and thus create a legacy of fine craftsmanship and restoration. My team and I constantly look to go to a place where nobody dares to venture, and produce extraordinary results.

Q. Do you think there is a limit to what a violin can accomplish in its field?

Every violin has the potential to sound good if adjusted by a skilled hand. It might be a different sound for each particular violin, but each example can produce a good sound that will be adored by a particular player.

Q. What is your philosophy when it comes to violin making and restoration?

Crafting and restoring violins, for me, is a tradition passed down by our forefathers. What we are doing is practising a skill and refining it as we progress. I believe in delivering accuracy on all levels, regardless of types and categories of instruments or jobs, and in giving the attention necessary to all details.