Not only are they pieces of fine art, customised violins also reflect the violinist’s personality and character; perfect as a gift to our loved ones. Build a legacy and embody it with a personalised handcrafted Italian violin; craft a heritage that lasts for generations and beyond.

The customisation process includes the choice of wood, varnish, model, and measurements to create an individualised violin that comes with a personalised label to reflect its uniqueness. Expect to receive these benefits with your customised violin: ultimate ease of playing, tonally crafted to your individual preference, and varnished to reflect your sense of style.

Craft your unique Italian violin by booking an appointment now with Italian violin-maker Manuele Civa at Tong Ming Xi Gallery on 26 and 27 January 2018.

Italian Violin Maker Manuele Civa
Born and bred in the same hometown as Stradivari, Manuele Civa has been making violins since the tender age of 14. Since then, he has refined his skills and worked in the renowned Stefano Conia’s workshop in 2009 before earning his name as an independent luthier.

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