The art of Restoration

Enhancing a violin, viola or cello is an art in itself. We believe that the classical techniques handed down by our forefathers, supplemented by modern technology, are the perfect tools to use for these timeless instruments. Tried and true restoration methods, such as plate tuning, work in tandem with groundbreaking procedures, such as using newer wood to replicate the properties of old wood, to bring tired instruments back to life.

Our sheer love for string instruments shines through in every aspect of our work. No detail is too small for our attention and we wouldn’t see it fit to begin restoring an instrument without first understanding its distinct personality.

The art of restoration is a dance that involves the instrument, the owner and the luthier. Trust us to be a willing and capable partner dedicated to your instrument’s welfare and your satisfaction.

Repair and Restoration Services

When it comes to repair and restoration, your violin, viola or cello and bows deserve nothing less than a master’s touch. Our workshop provides services of the highest quality to ensure that your beloved string instruments can be enjoyed by generations to come. There are 4 key steps in the repair and restoration process.

Step 1

An Initial Physical Check will be conducted on your instrument upon arrival by string advisors when you send it into Tong Ming Xi Workshop.

Step 2

The string advisors will then proceed to do a Situational Assessment to understand your needs better.

Step 3

Your instrument will now be in good hands of our Luthiers for repair or restoration works.

Step 4

Further improve your instrument’s tone and playability by looking for our Tone Specialist who will give expert advice on how to enhance your instrument to its fullest potential.

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