The 5th edition of Tong Ming Xi podium 2019 aims to expose our audience a different perspective towards the English School of Violin Making. We have invited British violin expert Steve Turner to share with us his knowledge in traits of an English violin, characteristic of tone and the prospect of a long term investment with minimal capital outlay.

The history of violin making in Britain dates back to the early 17th century. Early makers of the 17th century boasted Edward Pamphilon, Jacob Rayman, John Barrett, Peter Wamsley, and Barack Norman. In the 18th century, England became the capital of violin trading where the best violins from around the world were traded through this gateway. With such influx of wealth and treasure, development of violin making artistry in England was greatly catalysed and soon, the English school of violin making become an important pillar for luthiery and collection.

English luthiers have unique identity in their violin-making and the heritage passed down in their family lines. Celebrated families such as Betts, Forster, and Hill created a dynasty of traditions and styles that are admired till date. The price, scarcity yet free of fraud therefore make English violins much sought after from both playing and investment angles.

Join Steve Turner, with his 40 years experience as the leading expert in English violin-making, shares his insights at Tong Ming Xi Podium 2019. Entertainment for the evening will be provided by one of the most promising young violinist, Oleksandr Korniev, who will play pieces and distinguish the character of each English violin.

Topic It’s All About English
Speaker Mr. Steve Turner
Date 29 January 2019, Tuesday
Time 7.30pm
Venue The Music Platform, Marina Square (opposite Pororo Park)
Fee $10 per ticket
Vacancies 120 participants


Don’t miss this rare and exciting opportunity to interact with a violin expert! Contact us at  6338 8806 or email us at for further enquiries. You can purchase your ticket from Tong Ming Xi Gallery.


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