World Strings Day

The inaugural World Strings Day was conceived with the intention to bring together string players of all backgrounds, for a celebration of their shared loved for music. Inclusivity is the foremost core value of the event. Participants will yield from a variety of races, age groups, skill levels etc. From the young to the old, the amateurs to the professionals, everyone is welcome.

This year, the theme of the WSD revolves around our national identity. Held a day after National Day, every aspect of this year’s event is uniquely Singaporean. With a meticulously curated repertoire of familiar local tunes arranged by local composer Dr. Chen Zhangyi, the WSD will be conducted and led by Dr. Chen himself. This is certainly a strong affirmation of our national identity – a unique, multicultural society accepting of diversity.

Participants of the WSD will be part of a community of music lovers tirelessly promoting the love for music, and a part of a larger celebration of each of their unique individual identities, as well as their shared identity as Singaporeans. It surely will be an exciting, novel, and inspiring experience for all participants and audience alike.

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Volunteer With Us

Volunteers will primarily be involved in participant management and crowd control. Apart from the event day, volunteers will be tentatively needed for a rehearsal on 3 August 2019 in the morning.

Perform With Us

Performers will be joining the whole community to perform pieces composed by our local composer, Chen Zhangyi. Apart from the event day, performers will be needed for a rehearsal on 3 August 2019 in the morning.

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